Consultation Workshop for the Long-term Strategy on Climate Action

The first Consultation Workshop for the Draft Long-term Strategy on Climate Action prepared by the EU funded IPA Project “Preparation of Long-term Strategy and Law on Climate Action” was held on Thursday 11 February 2021.

The Participants of the workshop were the representatives of the relevant Ministries, Public institutions, the NGO sector, and other stakeholders dealing with climate related aspects.

The Project Team composed of international and national experts presented the overall vision and objectives of the draft Strategy, the legal and policy context for climate action, GHG emission projections, adaptation and mitigation policies and measures, and the cost of the transition and way forward.

The participants discussed the presented materials and information in order to improve the draft version of the strategy. The draft strategy, as well as other documents prepared within the project, such as the draft law on climate action, bylaws and other related documents will be subject to further amendments and public consultations by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. These amendments and consultations will aid in tailoring the Project outputs to the circumstances of the Republic of North Macedonia. The adoption and implementation of these outputs will ultimately depend on the technical and institutional readiness of the country.