Project Name Preparation of Long-term Strategy and Law on Climate Action
Reference No: EuropeAid/139221/IH/SER/MK
Project Duration 18 months
Project Start Date 15 February 2019
Project End Date 15 August 2020

Overall Objective:
To support the Beneficiary Country in achieving the long-term goals of climate action: full transposition/implementation of the EU acquis enabling a low carbon emissions and climate resilient development of the Beneficiary Country.


  • To carry out the necessary analyses of the current situation and conditions in the Beneficiary country and assessments in preparation of the long-term Strategy and the Law on Climate Action, and in support of the adoption and implementation.
  • To establish a strong and sustainable framework for coordinating climate action by development the national strategic and legal framework for climate action through the long-term Strategy and Law on Climate Action (Law), including the Action Plan for the initial phase of implementation.
  • To establish the monitoring mechanism of GHG emissions in line with the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation No 525/2013 and its implementing provisions.
  • To strengthen the administrative capacity in line with EU accession in achieving low carbon competitive economy and climate resilient society/economy.
  • To raise awareness on climate action, support the stakeholders’ consultations and facilitate inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral cooperation on the Strategy and Law.