Commencing February 2019, the project constitutes part of the EU’s overall support to North Macedonia’s accession process, through funding national and regional approximation projects targeted at mainstreaming climate action across various governmental entities.
It supports the Government of North Macedonia and, in particular, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning in the development of a Long-term Strategy and a Law on Climate Action. It aims to enable the country to reduce carbon emissions and to increase its resilience climate change, in the context of sustainable economic development. While primarily focusing on addressing mitigation aspects, it also includes adaptation to climate change.

Environment Illustration - Photo credit -
Image by Rob D from Pixabay

The project focuses on the development of a Long-term Strategy and draft Law on Climate Action – two intertwined results. To achieve these results, the project will conduct a thorough assessment of the state of transposition and implementation of the EU climate acquis[1], of the institutional setup for climate action, and of the administrative capacity (available and necessary) for an effective implementation of the acquis. In addition, the project will evaluate the state of knowledge on greenhouse gas (GHG) scenarios, assess the country’s vulnerability to climate change, and provide recommendations to support a low carbon and climate resilient society.

The project emphasises the importance of establishing a system to monitor and report GHG emissions, which is key to mitigation processes. Moreover, the project will design and implement training activities related to the Strategy and Law. Eventually, the project will overall contribute to raising climate change awareness. Please check this website for regular information on the project activities.

[1]   The EU climate acquis designates the collection of all climate regulations, directives, and decisions taken by EU institutions that are binding for the EU Мember States. The approximation to the acquis is one of the most important challenges when it comes to the accession of new countries to the EU.