September 2019

The project assists the Government of North Macedonia in developing and drafting a Law on Climate Action. The project expects that the Law will lay the foundations for a sound response to the climate change challenge, support further transposition of the EU climate acquis, and be instrumental to fulfill international climate commitments.

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The project works on the Law fully aware that climate action is cross-sectoral. In this sense, the Law may establish a regulatory framework that relates and affects society as a whole and many sectors of the public administration. The project expects the Law to establish rules on the relevant areas of mitigation required by the acquis. The Law may include the objectives of climate action, principles and basic obligations, and provide for institutional arrangements. In addition, it will take note of the necessary interaction between the Law as an instrument of primary legislation and secondary or delegated legislation, as well as the linkages between the Law and other sectoral legislation.

Currently, the project is in close consultation with the Government of North Macedonia to determine the possible scope and content of the Law. The project expects to start drafting the Law soon.

The project will present and discuss the draft Law during stakeholder consultation events.

Key project activities

Activity 1: Inception phase

Activity 2: Preparatory analysis/assessment for the long-term Strategy and Law on Climate Action

Activity 3: Development of the draft long-term Strategy on Climate Change

Activity 4: Alignment of national legislation to the monitoring and reporting regulation MMR and consequent amendments

Activity 5: Development and drafting of the Law on Climate Action

Activity 6: Development of the draft Action Plan on Climate Change

Activity 7: Training programme on implementation of the strategic and legal framework for climate action

Activity 8: Awareness raising, visibility and stakeholder consultations