Climate action assessment

Септември 2019

The project is currently working on the assessment of the state of climate action in North Macedonia. The project is evaluating the state of transposition of the EU climate acquis and analysing implementation problems. In particular, the project focuses on the sectors of climate action included in chapter 27 of the acquis:

  • Monitoring and reporting on GHG emissions;
  • The EU Emissions Trading System;
  • The requirements for sharing the efforts in reducing GHG in other sectors;
  • The protection of the ozone layer;
  • The control of fluorinated gases;
  • Land use, land-use change, and forestry;
  • CO2 emissions from cars, vans, and other vehicles; and
  • Carbon capture and storage.
Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay
Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

In addition, the project is developing a roadmap for future transposition and implementation of the climate acquis. In addition, it is assessing the administrative capacity of the North Macedonian institutions involved in climate action, and estimating the needs and costs for administrative strengthening. Moreover, the project is evaluating the current knowledge and research on GHG scenarios, and the paths to low emissions and climate resilience. Doing this, the project takes into consideration the economic impacts of climate change mitigation. North Macedonia is vulnerable to climate change. Therefore, the project is considering and establishing priority objectives for adaptation and climate resiliency. The project will present and discuss activity reports during stakeholder consultation events.